Tuesday, July 18, 2006



Lori Witzel said...

He looks ready for dancing...or something.

Gosh, a brain full of 'bots -- doesn't that hurt?

MjM said...


This is what happened - whenever I'd be at a meeting or in class or something, I'd start doodling (I hate that word). And I mainly drew things with a mechanical bent. Then, one day, I found this site:


I had wanted a blog for a long time, and it suddenly came to me - I could definitely commit to posting a robot a day (as long as you loosely define "robot"), because it wasn't hard for me to churn out a dozen or so at a time.

I don't take a lot of care with them, I just sit down with a sheet of copier paper and a ballpoint pen every now and then and draw until the page is full. The good thing is, it keeps me drawing, because procrastination and laziness are my core competencies.

That's my story!


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