Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Santabot Card I

For those of you looking for a quick, quasi-handmade gift, I present the Santabot card.

If you click on this image and then right-click on the subsequent image and save it, you can then print your own Santabot Greeting Card.

(It should go without saying that the following information can be useful for making homemade cards even if they're not Santabots, sniff)

The full size of the image is 7x10 inches.   When folded in half length-wise, it fits snugly in a standard 5x7 inch greeting-card envelope.

I have never had a problem getting single sheets of standard-weight card stock through an inkjet printer, but not all printers are the same.  Mine is an HP DeskJet 3745.   I cannot speak for others.

To avoid wasting card stock, you might want to test the alignment with a sheet of printer paper first.   If the image cuts off, try reducing it or monkeying with the margins in the printer dialog box of whatever software you are using - Microsoft Image Viewer, Firefox, Ogg's Cave Painter 6.0, etc.

(My favorite software tools for image manipulation are the Gimp and Inkscape. Free and available even for hapless Windows users)

If you plan on making a lot of cards, think about finding a paper-cutter; cutting card stock precisely with scissors or a blade and a straight edge is time-consuming, frustrating and not a little dangerous.   I personally took my card stock to Office Max and hacked out a pile o' blanks.

Happy Hollandaise!

Following are some of the gags I wrote inside the Santabot 5.7 cards I sent out this season:

"No laser guided missiles for you. You'll take the doll and like it!"

"Santabot brought you a doll. Get over it, human!"


Princess Pepper Cloud said...

Original and funny! I'll bet those on your Xmas card list will be delighted!

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