Wednesday, February 22, 2006



fonyfembot said... of my favorites yet! i love toasted bagels.

Michele Melcher Illustration said...

That's awesome!

Monkey Freak said...

Very cute and funny drawing.
I really like it.

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

Quite a balancing act... I wonder if she has met Tea-bot? I made a Squid T-pot last year and called it Cephla-pot...

MjM said...


Oh man, that's a weakness of mine - bad puns!!!

yuk yuk


Princess Pepper Cloud said...

yeah, bad puns make you think your clever, everyone else probably charecterizes it as cheesy... well let the cheesiness begin!

By the way, I checked out your website... i just dig your desert cars. Dilapidated cars are intiguing on so many levels. The feeling of what they used to be, could be and what they are. You have captured their essence beautifully and have portrayed the cars as art in themselves. The colors represent the desert so well. There are a lot of artists that paint nature, buildings, and such... but not a lot who can take such an everyday subject and caputure it's beauty. That's what art is all about though... awesome work.

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