Thursday, February 23, 2006



Michele Melcher Illustration said...

That ones cool too! My husband really likes robots. He has a few wind up ones decorating his office and bathroom. About the gouache vs. watercolor you commented on in my blog. It actually is all watercolor. I never thought of trying goauche for large dark might work better than the watercolor. I always have problems with the watercolor being too mottled when I use it in dark areas. (Like the Ambler Theater post) Thanks for the tip! I will have to try it out!

moverlow said...

Mike, these illustrations are great. I love the loose drawing style. Ink drawing keeps an artist honest, I think. Great stuff. Oh, my little boy wants me to tell you he loves it too!

MjM said...

Awww. You folks made my day!

As far as the honest ink, loose drawing style, I gotta admit, I'm just lazy. These scribbles are just about all I can force myself to do on a regular basis, but I'm trying to get more ambitious.


catnapping said...

i love this little guy!

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